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3 Common Reasons for Full Roof Inspections

Having roof inspections done by a skilled roofing contractor is a necessary thing in some situations, but many homeowners have no idea when inspection should be a plan of action. Take a look at some of the times when a full roof inspection is a good idea to protect the quality of your roof and how it protects your home.

The roof has recently been exposed to a major weather event.

If your home has made it through a major weather event, it can be a good idea to seek out roof inspections by a licensed professional. Several types of damage can come along with stormy weather, such as:

  • Wind-damaged shingles or missing shingles

  • Bucked metal roofing panels

  • Punctured roofing materials after a hailstorm

If your Texas home has been exposed to severe weather, it is always a good idea to get the roof looked at to make sure you do not need roofing replacements in some areas or general repairs.

There are suspected issues with the roof.

Perhaps you have had problems with leaks coming from the roof or maybe you have been finding a lot of granules in your gutter water. If you suspect there is an issue with the roof, roof inspections will help you determine what needs to happen. The need for roofing replacements is not always as obvious as it can be assumed. Sometimes it takes a thorough inspection to determine what the condition of the roof is and whether it needs to be replaced.

The homeowner is unsure of the age of the roof.

Knowing the age of your roof is important because it allows you to anticipate when it should be replaced. All types of roofing have an anticipated life span. If you have just taken ownership of a home and you want to know how old the roof is, an inspection is a good idea.

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